Barbers’ Historical Society Visit to Barts Hospital : 14 June 2017

Members of the BHS visited Barts Hospital and its associated churches on Wednesday 14 June.  The visit was led by Liveryman Rodger Whitelocke and by the Chaplain/Hospitaller to the hospital. 

In the hospital, the group saw some of the latest developments, including a visit to Europe’s largest cardiac centre, built behind the old King George V building, and admired the famous James Gibbs square, built in 1780 and recently refurbished.  It was then onto the Grade 1 listed Great Hall via the Barts museum and the famous Hogarths on the staircase – The Good Samaritan and Pool of Bethesda. Hogarth lived nearby and the subjects were patients of the hospital.

The group then visited Barts the Less which used to be the Parish Church of the Hospital, but is now subsumed into the London Diocese.  Inside there is a memorial to a former Master (Robert Balthrop – 1573).  Finally the group moved to Barts the Great, founded in 1123 by the monk Rahere, one of London’s finest Norman Churches and the film set for ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’.

The visit concluded with pre-prandial drinks at Barts and finally dinner at the Rising Sun.