Inter-Livery Rifle Shooting Day at Bisley : 3 June 2016

Livery Shoot

Livery Shoot 2

The Barbers’ Company entered a team in the above event:  Liverymen Richard Cory Pearce, Tom Naunton-Morgan, and Alvan Pope, plus Freeman Dermod O’Brien.   The disciplines for the day were:

  1. Running boar – shot with a rifle at 50 yards while a paper boar runs across a forest opening
  2. Target rifle – shooting at between 900-1000 yards over open sights
  3. Black powder pistol, using pistols current in the American civil war period
  4. .22 Gallery rifle shooting under timed conditions
  5. .22 Precision Gallery rifle at 50 meter.

Alvan Pope reports:

“The event we won was the .22 Gallery Rifle where the team scored 295 ex300. Richard is shown with his stunning 99, and the injury sustained above his right eye on the previous 800 yd shoot! The black powder revolvers are replica from the American Civil War – lots of smoke and noise. It was fascinating to see how they prepare the charges and load the magazines.  Tom won a £50 prize in the handicap where you had to guess what score you would make in the 800 yard Target Rife. He’s shown here receiving it from the Air Marshall and promptly donated it back to the RAF Benevolent Fund. Dermod O’Brien was the ringer for our team, but won a prize himself in the Gallery Rifle snap shooting as part of a United Livery Team, so he’s included in our team picture”