Livery Shooting Day : 5 June 2015

Livery guns

Livery guns 2

A team from the Barbers’ Company reports great success at the Livery Shooting Day on Friday 5 June, held at Bisley Ranges and organized by the Worshipful Company of Bakers. The team comprised Liverymen Richard Cory-Pearce, Tom Naunton Morgan and Alvan Pope – with Michael Julien originally going along as team supporter, but eventually being co-opted onto the Coopers’ Company team (his great-great-grandfather was a Cooper for the record!). The Barbers’ Team won the McQueen’s Sniper Rifle event – fired at 300 yards using a hunting rifle with telescopic sights at targets that appear in a castle window and then disappear; and Tom won the Gallery Target event with a score of 100.3 – maximum score with 3 shots actually hitting the same place. (And also for the record, the Coopers – with Barbers’ help – won the Timed Gallery Rifle event). Well done the team. A video of the day can be found here.

PS Tom Naunton Morgan is also leading the Barbers’ Company Go Kart team at the inter-livery Go Kart competition on Sunday 26 July, at Sandown. We’ve got a full team (I think) but supporters are more than welcome. Details from the Company office.