Lord Mayor’s Show : 12 November 2016


Once again the Barbers’ Cutter was in action, escorting the Lord Mayor on his entry into the City of London by way of the River Thames.  This year the Master was unable to participate but his place was ably filled by Mistress Barber.  Gale force winds had been forecast, which meant that the canopy could not be erected.  In the event, the wind wasn’t a problem, but the non-stop rain made for a wet journey.  Congratulations to the crew of Dick Blanchard, David Brown, Doug Johnson-Poensgen, Brind Waldron and Oli Lee, as cox.  Paul Clarke, a previous Barge Master, was on board to help with the rowing if needed, to take photos, and to hold Mistress Barber’s hand.

Meanwhile, others in the Company enjoyed a breakfast at Barber-Surgeons’ Hall where Assistant Nicholas Goddard entertained pupils from his old school, City of London Freemen’s School.