Magna Carta Day: 14 June 2015

Magna Carta

Magna Carta Full

The ever enthusiastic Barbers’ Cutter crew were honoured to be part of the Magna Carta 800 celebrations at Runnymede on Sunday 14th June. The Cutter was resplendent with canopy up, a new iron allowing the Barbers’ flag to remain fully unfurled permanently, and a uniformed contingent aboard.  After two laps of the procession course, Catherine Rounce mentioned that Past Master Rounce was enjoying a party with Past Masters from various companies, on the river side at Old Windsor. This was too much for the crew to bear. We found the Cutter drawn as if by magnetism to the waterside garden, where we were welcomed with open arms and full glasses. By this stage the main procession had commenced and we had to slide in to the throng of boats passing, whilst trying not to make our slightly late entry too obvious! It was a wonderful day and one that we were, once again, proud to be a part of.