Pewterers’ Challenge Golf: 4 April 2016

Pewterers Challenge

The Pewterers’ Challenge golf was held at Porters Park Golf Club, Radlett, on the 4th April. As the winners last year, we had the (dubious) honour of hosting the event this year, so I organised it at my home Club. 13 teams from various Liveries competed and the Barbers prevailed again. We were represented by myself, Tony Hoskinson, John Sales, John Hobby, and Roy Sanders, together with Angela Waddingham (an Educator) who joined us as she was the only entrant for them. She therefore became an honorary Barber for the day (Adrian, the recent Sheriff, is speaking at our next Livery dinner). Tony, Angela, and myself made up the Barbers ‘A’ team, and the two Johns and Roy (last year’s winners) made up our ‘B’ team. The photograph shows the ‘A’ team, who won this year, being presented with the trophy by Roger Barnes, the Captain this year of the City Livery Club Golf Section and a past Captain of Porters Park, who stood in for Kevin Kearney, PM Pewterer, who instigated the whole thing years ago but was unwell and so couldn’t present it this year. The trophy is in the form of a large pewter quaiche, which is traditionally filled with malt whisky at the dinner and passed around (and drained!) at the dinner by all the contestants (as per the loving cup). Don’t ask how we all got home! Now I have to organise next year’s contest!

Bruce Cope