Tudor Pull : Saturday 16 May 2015

Tudor Pull 1

Tudor Pull 2

A number of Company members took part in The Tudor Pull on Saturday 16 May 2015. This is a ceremonial event for Thames Watermen’s Cutters which is organised each year by the Thames Traditional Rowing Association. The cutters, mainly belonging to the livery companies of the City of London, dressed in full company regalia, escorted the Royal Row Barge, Gloriana, from Hampton Court Palace to the Tower of London to deliver a ‘Stela’ to the Governor of the Tower for safekeeping. The ‘Stela’ is a piece of medieval water pipe made from a hollowed tree trunk which stands on a base of timber from the old Richmond Lock and which bears the coat of arms of the Waterman’s Company.
The event promotes the use of the River Thames and commemorates the events of 1256 when Queen Eleanor’s royal barge sank under the old London Bridge with the loss of one of her courtiers. This year, The Barbers’ Cutter, was crewed by Tom Lee (Honorary Bargemaster), David Brown, David and Ollie Lee, Simon O’Leary, and Catherine Rounce. More pictures are on the members’ section.