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The Barbers' Company

Barber Emeritus

The title Barber Emeritus is the highest honour that the Company can bestow.  It is awarded by the Court ‘in recognition of service by any member of the Company who makes an outstanding and lasting contribution to the life and well-being of the Company’

Those who have been awarded the title are shown below:

1981 Sir Lionel Denny (died 1985)
1981 George Grant Macdonald (died 1989)
1981 Henry Reynolds Thompson (died 1985)
1983 Cyril George Bloomfield (died 1984)
1987 Philip Harvey Champness (died 1999)
1989 Gerald Stafford Hamilton (died 1997)
1989 Sir Francis Avery Jones (died 1998)
1989 Ronald William Raven (died 1991)
1992 Peter Sydney Lambert (died 2008)
1994 John Charles Smethers (died 2014)
1995 Harold Peter Foxon (died 2001)
2000 John Anthony Hart Bootes
2002 Henry Leslie Clarke (died 2012)
2006 George Grant Macdonald
2010 Arthur Hollman (died 2014)
2013 William Stewart Shand
2018 Francis Nicholas Read
2021 Jonathan Neil Rounce