Barbers Company Crest
The Barbers' Company

The Opinicus

As part of the celebrations to mark the advent of the third millennium, a stained glass window was installed in the Hall.  This shows an opinicus, part eagle, part lion and part camel, which is the crest of the Company’s coat of arms.  It carries in one paw a streamer of the arms of the City of London, the upper end of the pole bearing the crown of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, previously an Honorary Freeman of the Company, and the lower end a barbers’ bowl.  In another paw it holds the motto of the Company.

The whole device stands in front of, and in close association with the Cross, which in turn stands in front of its antecedent the Star of Bethlehem. The motto is difficult to translate but could be rendered as

“Through (or by) the foreknowledge of God”

The Window was designed and made by Barber Emeritus Past Master William Shand.