Barbers Company Crest
The Barbers' Company


There are around 350 members of the Company, comprising both Liverymen and Freemen. Just under half of the Company are from a medical background, of which surgeons form about half again. Balanced against this strong medical character are the remainder of the Company who are from a broad professional background. When joining the Company all members swear an oath of allegiance to the Crown, to The City of London civic authorities and to the Master and Wardens of the Company.

Liverymen exercise their responsibility in the governance of The City of London Corporation by forming part of the electorate who select the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs.

The fellowship aspects of Company life are largely focussed at Barber-Surgeons’ Hall where most membership social activitiy take place, the exception being sporting activity. Members are actively encouraged to bring guests to Company events, to share their pride in the Company’s heritage and contemporary character with friends and colleagues. See here to find out more about membership of the Company.