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We support education in a variety of ways.  Our  funding of an exciting research programme that is developing and applying innovative methodologies and tools for anatomy learning at the Royal College of Surgeons of England recalls the Company’s important historical contribution to the development of anatomy teaching in England.  Our McNee Awards are made to mature medical students who already have a non-medical degree and therefore do not qualify for student loans.  And our support to King's College London, for more than a decade, to reach out to pupils in London schools in the maintained sector who would not otherwise consider reading Medicine at University, has assisted hundreds of talented young people to become doctors.  ....some of the things we do to support education focussed on medicine.

The Barbers’ Charities have, since 2009, been helping to fund an Outreach Worker based at King’s College London, who visits maintained sector secondary schools in Inner London boroughs to encourage and advise pupils considering a medical career.  We also fund Medicine in Action lectures, and Medical Activity days for young people.  Many of those attending these events are accepted onto the “Extended Medical Degree Programme” run by King’s College, and we award prizes to students on this course.  The success of this Outreach scheme since 2009 led to the creation of our ‘Outreach 2020’ Appeal, which raised more than £200,000 from sources beyond the Company to match our own commitment.  The object was to double the proven effectiveness of the Outreach scheme by funding a second Outreach worker who can visit more schools and encourage more young people to believe that they too can train as doctors and so help them to realise that ambition.

Education of a more general kind is supported by giving prizes to pupils at several schools and by supporting the scholarships fund at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

From the Raven Bequest, awards are made to surgeons, usually specialist registrars, who are travelling to an overseas centre of excellence where a new or highly specialised technique or procedure can be observed and mastered before the recipient returns to practise or teach the technique in this country.  There are also awards for educational projects undertaken by members of the Medical Artists’ Association.  The nursing profession is supported by the award of scholarships to nurses who are undertaking projects to extend their clinical skills.