Great River Race

The Barbers Cutter crew did the Company proud by successfully completing the 21.6 mile course from London Docklands to Ham, in the Great River Race on Sunday 28 September, in an excellent time of 2 hours 36 minutes.

The day was full of camaraderie – marred only when oars got entangled while going through one of the many bridges on the way. Many crews were in fancy dress so there was a display of Vikings, 1920 Flappers, ballerinas in pink skirts, black birds, cheer leaders, Father Christmas, and more in what proved a very colourful event.

The team consisted of:-

John  Deverill – Stroke

David Lee – 5

Tom Lee – 4

Richard Blanchard – 3

Catherine Rounce – 2

David Brown – Bow

Brind Waldron and Ollie Lee as Cox

Well done the rowers.   Apparently they now have plans to enter a foreign race at some point in the future!!   Watch this space.