Livery Schools Link

Representatives from Kings’ Extended Medical Degree Programm (EMDP) – which the Barbers’ Company continues to support as part of its Anniversary Appeal – took part in a Livery Schools Link Showcase event at Apothecaries Hall on 18 March, when local school children were able to see representatives of many of the professions and crafts associated with livery companies in action.  The Company’s entry was coordinated by Liveryman Simon O’Leary who is seen here with (from left to right) Aasmita Gutam, Titilope Oladosu, Laura Ingham,  Simon O’Leary, Kristo Lauriaga and Aqil Jaigirdar

Laura Ingham is the Outreach Worker for Outreach for Medicine. Her salary is largely supported from the 700thAnniversary Appeal and The Peter Moores Foundation.