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Richmond Tick Tock : 21 April 2018

Saturday saw the Barbers Cutter Crew competing again, this time in time trials organised by our affiliated club, the Richmond Bridge Boat Club (RBBC). The original idea was that crews would purely race against the clock, with one or maybe two attempts at the course of 2.25kms being from Richmond Bridge, around Glovers Island and back down to Richmond Bridge.

As the RBBC was only able to field three crews, the Barbers being the fourth, it was decided that each crew should race every other crew, as well as the clock. Of course, the Barbers Cutter was way ahead in all but one race, but did not win everything due to the particularly harsh handicapping system. We were classed as a male crew despite having Dee Pullen on board. Even though Dee is a superb oarswoman we did feel somewhat discriminated against, but all in the best of humour of course!

The whole atmosphere was hugely amiable and great fun for everyone. We were able to offer our services to the RBBC crews that were short, Brind and I rowing against another RBBC crew on one occasion and Oli coxing another of their crews later on. This did nothing to diminish the Barbers’ efforts and the cutter crew won Fastest Male Crew, together with the setting of the course record at 12 mins 21 secs. An absolutely outstanding effort by everyone on board.

These events continue to raise the profile of the Company and the rowing prowess of our dedicated crew. Very well done to everyone involved.

Tom Lee